Kantar Talks 2021
‘Winning the Growth Reset’

Hear inspiring talks and interviews from our panel of guest experts:

Alessandra Bellini

Chief Customer Officer, Tesco PLC

Tammy Parlour MBE

Co-Founder & CEO, Women’s Sport Trust

Mitesh Sheth

CEO, Redington and Diversity Project Advisory Board Member

Professor Roberto Verganti

Harvard Business School and Stockholm School of Economics

Kirsten Stagg

Head of Marketing, ŠKODA UK

James Watt

CEO and Co-founder, BrewDog

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After a year of lockdown which has seen massive behavioural shifts and an unprecedented surge to digital, brands seeking to win the growth reset must answer two vital questions: Is your map for brand growth still accurate? And does your brand compass still show the way?

The pace has shifted from recovery to acceleration, and the data shows us that Brand has never been more important as a value driver. Now, brands must scale even faster across key markets and categories. They must be prepared to act boldly to reshape strategy, drive innovation, and use the right data.

Kantar Talks has assembled experts from some of the world’s most innovative companies to help you win the growth reset in this new reality. With 3 stages packed with the newest content, attendees will be able to create bespoke agendas based on their interests.

Check out the full agenda from the show below

Be bold, Britain! Kantar BrandZ UK 2021 launch

British brands are struggling to compete on the world stage. Vodafone was the only British brand to make the global top 100 this year; if the current trend continues, none will be included in the ranking by 2023. This is particularly worrying as organisations seek to reset after COVID-19 and Brexit. So, what are the opportunities for brands and how can marketers be part of the solution? In this session you’ll hear from Martin Guerrieria, Director, Kantar BrandZ Research on Global and UK trends following by a panel discussion with some of the UK’s strongest brands, chaired by Kantar’s Amy Cashman.

Martin Guerrieria, Global Head of Research BrandZ, Kantar

Amy Cashman, Executive Managing Director, Insights Division, UK & I, Kantar

Sophie Devonshire, CEO, The Marketing Society

Hannah Squirrell, Customer & Marketing Director, Greggs

Fikerte Woldergiorgis, Marketing Director Foods UK & I, Unilever

It takes bravery to innovate meaningfully

Innovation is the foundation for strong growth, and those who innovate with agility are most likely to survive in challenging times. So why do many bigger brands struggle with meaningful innovations? The challenge is often knowing where to grow, and avoiding the “rear view mirror” approach. Learn why successful brands can tap into the cultural zeitgeist deeply, and discover how brands that innovate successfully are obsessed with understanding people.

Dr Nicki Morley, Head of Behavioural Science and Innovation Expertise, Kantar

Andrew Walker, Client Knowledge Director, Kantar

Lou Ellerton, Senior Director, Consulting, Kantar

Steve White, General Manager Europe & Africa, Innovation, Diageo

James Watt, CEO & Co-Founder, BrewDog

Inclusion: How UK advertising is addressing the Say/Do gap

Earlier this year, Kantar, the Advertising Association, ISBA and the IPA came together with the aim of creating long lasting transformative change in the UK advertising industry with the All-In campaign. It takes bravery to be an industry leader, and this story is about the powerful journey of how everyone came together to activate the vision, to stop talking and to drive real change. Learn how you can apply this blueprint and drive change in your teams, company and industry.

Amy Cashman, Executive Managing Director, Insights Division, UK & I, Kantar

Sharon Lloyd Barnes, Commercial Director and Inclusion Lead, Advertising Association

Sarah Jenkins, Managing Director, Saatchi & Saatchi, London

Gen Kobayashi, Chief Strategy Officer, Engine

Winning with Women: Broadening horizons from wealth to wellness

Winning with Women is the latest in a Kantar series looking into women’s financial confidence and wellbeing. While 46% of women have saved money during the pandemic, they are saving half of what the average man has put away. How can we address that imbalance and help women become more financially independent, which we know boosts self-esteem? Leaders in finance, sport and media discuss how brands can connect to this audience while making substantive positive change.

Alex Wright, Client Partner, Kantar

Joanne Finney, Consumer Editor, Hearst UK & Financially Fabulous

Tammy Parlour, MBE, Co-founder & CEO, Women’s Sport Trust

Mitesh Sheth, CEO, Redington & Diversity Project Advisory Board Member

Igniting a creative renaissance

Shakespeare was one of the greatest storytellers to have ever lived. He knew how to engage, enthral and entertain by understanding his audience to create connections. The secrets of his success are relevant to advertising today, but are increasingly being forgotten... contributing to a decline in the trust and effectiveness of advertising. 30 years ago, 33% of the UK public enjoyed advertising. Today, that figure is 15%. Join the debate as we seek to ignite a Creative Renaissance.

Lynne Deason, Head of Creative Excellence, Kantar

Dom Boyd, Managing Director, Insights Division, UK & I, Kantar

Nick Hirst, Executive Strategy Director, adam&eveDDB

Kirsten Stagg, Head of Marketing, ŠKODA UK

Simon Lloyd, Chief Creative Officer, McGarry Bowen

Embedding skills and behaviours to drive change

Does your team have the right tools, skills and capabilities to deliver brand-led growth? Too often, brands invest heavily in things like brand trackers and insights platforms, without realising their full potential. You not only need the right tools to generate (agile) insights, but also a different mindset and ways of working from your CMI team (and beyond) to deliver a tangible business impact. Join us to hear our point of view on proper insight embedding and lasting behaviour change.

Kimberley Burbidge, Director Organisational Performance, Kantar

Hjalti Rognvaldson, Associate Director Organisational Performance, Kantar

Oslando Desouza, Global CMI Head Home & Hygiene, Unilever

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